We have 60 days left until the wedding.  I think this might be the point where, no matter how much I rationally am aware of the fact that we’ve got everything covered, I become a bit of a ball of nerves.  60 days is not a lot of time!  Now there is really only the music left to pick out but that’s a big part of it!

We had an awesome weekend, a great combination of needs and wants.  The house is incredibly clean and organized, we actually rode our bikes (Sebastian hates bikes, by the way, he seems to associate them with Jesse’s brother who he is not fond of unfortunately) and went for a long hike.  We grilled, played some Red Dead Redemption (which I am absolutely terrible at), watched Star Trek TNG and I found my engagement picture outfit!  I scored an adorable Theory dress (it’s a really pretty almost vintage-looking cotton print — florals in dusky purples, greens and blues on a creamy background, tiny little ruffled cap sleeves) and a mossy-green Milly short-sleeved cardigan with chunky brown buttons.  Retail value?  Nearly $500.  Reason I love the Saks outlet?  $85.  I am GOOD.

Also, I got the job!  It’s at my current company in a different department and I will be transitioning to it over the next couple of weeks.  I’m really going to miss my current job, co-workers, supervisors, etc. but I think this is going to be a really good change for me.

Exciting things are happening, apparently.