While I realize this probably doesn’t make for an interesting blog post, I do feel the need to brag about my new skin care routine.

Most of you have probably heard me bitch about my skin lately.  Seriously, it’s been dreadful and my old routine of Lush was just not cutting it (sorry, Lush, I do love you but this is the desert and my skin is cranky — you’re still my back-up, I promise!)… it was dry, cracking, sore to the touch, flaking and the skin around my lips was splitting.  Lovely image, yes?  I’ve been HOT lately… NOT.  How on earth am I actually getting married again?  ;)

Anyway, Sephora is doing their skincare challenge where you get credit for skincare purchases and after you’ve bought four you earn a free, full-size product.  Not such a great deal if you don’t need new stuff already but since I did, the allure of a free product is definitely working!  Even better, I got a ton of samples before I actually bought anything so I could figure out if they were actually going to be worth the money for me.  Here’s what I got:

Purity!  God, I love this stuff.  It’s creamy and, unlike a lot of gentle cleansers, actually gets your face clean with no extra steps needed.  I’m almost tempted to pick up the largest bottle of this since I don’t see myself switching to anything else for a long time.

When Hope Is Not Enough replenishing cream.  The associates at Sephora have kept trying to sell me on just their regular Hope In A Jar moisturizer but it’s just not quite thick enough.  I use this stuff in the morning and at night and it’s just amazing — thirst-quenching without being greasy.

When Hope Is Not Enough hylauronic acid capsules.  I don’t actually use these every day like the jar indicates.  For one, they’re expensive.  Actually, that’s the only reason!  But I do usually get two uses out of them as I mainly use them around my eyes and lips.  I mix the liquid in with my moisturizer and serum, it makes my skin feel like silk and does seem to plump up the skin a bit.  If I ever win the lottery or start making more money I’ll use them twice a day.  ;)

Hope In A Tube eye and lip cream.  I’m constantly paranoid about wrinkles around these areas and normal moisturizer just doesn’t seem to be enough.  This cream, while rather thick and a bit sticky, is actually moisturizing enough to make me think I’m not doomed to be wrinkly at 30.

When Hope Is Not Enough firming serum.  I only use this one during the day, mixed into my moisturizer.  I use less than indicated, probably just about three drops, but the vitamin C really does seem to be doing the trick.  It broke me out pretty dreadfully for about a week but settled down after that.  All in all, it’s worth it.

Last but not least, this is probably my favourite of all my new products.  I love this oil!  I only use it at night before my cream and… bye bye forehead lines!