I am officially 75 days away from being a married woman.

I’m starting to realize that all of the big things are done.  We have a venue, a (delicious-sounding) menu, a DJ, a fantastic photographer, a wedding party, I have my dress, Jesse has his suit.  I even think I know how I’ll do my make-up (barely, just enough for pictures).  Incidentally, it is very weird to walk into the second bedroom and be confronted with two garment bags containing these things.  It’s like “Oh, huh… a wedding dress… I guess we must be getting close!”

It’s just the hard things left now.  The ceremony.   The vows.  The music.  I am having the hardest time with the music.  It almost makes me wish that music wasn’t so important to me — it’s such an important thing to me, I can assign basically every important moment in my life to an artist, an album, a song, a concerto or even a particular instrument.  Realistically I know it doesn’t have to be perfect… but I am going to try to get it as close to it as possible!

Work is busy.  Class is over.  It’s finally getting to be summer here and I’m hoping for just a little bit of rain before we have to say good-bye to the clouds for months.  I’m trying to do more, read more, enjoy things a little bit more.  I think it’s going to be a pretty amazing summer.