I just had to post this picture I got of Sebastian this weekend as I think it nearly perfectly captures his personality.  Next to upload the pictures of him in the snow at Mt. Charleston so I can post them as well.

Goofy puppyface!

I’m really looking forward to training classes with him.  I know we’ve waited a long time but, to be honest, I think the wait was for a good reason.  He is SO much more comfortable with us now, even more than he was a few months ago.  We’ve done a lot of work with him on our own (he’s got Sit, Lie Down, Stay, Paw and a few other commands down) but mostly we’ve been working on making sure that he feels safe and protected and that he trusts us.  I think the hardest part of training will be getting him to focus on us instead of on all the other dogs who will be in his class!