Oh, you guys, can I tell you this?  I am SO sore this morning.  Since we are currently 101 days away from the wedding, Jesse and I have started a last-ditch attempt to get in shape.  Obviously there’s only so much you can do with that little time left but… well, we have to try.  So, we’re each giving the dog a run once a day.  I’m currently working on the one hundred push ups plan and we’re both playing rather ridiculous amounts of Wii Fit Plus (including lots of indoor running on the Free Run program).  Sort of sad that the jack knife workout on the Wii actually kicks my butt.  I just want gorgeously toned arms… is that so much to ask?  Even when I was doing tons of Group Power I still had scrawny arms.  Maybe lots of push ups will finally do the trick.

On the wedding front, we got our rings yesterday from the amazingly talented Justine of singleBbeautiful.  I took a few quick shots yesterday on the formerly-ugliest-oak-table-in-the-world.

Jesse's band, my band and stacking solitaire

Close-up of my set

101 days!  A little over a week until Sebastian starts training and we go see Conan O’Brien live.  Only a couple more weeks until classes end.  And hopefully?  Change soon.