Another Monday.  I really don’t mind them but I’m still hoping to spend them slightly differently soon.

We had a really awesome weekend!  I spent Friday evening addressing a few final invitations, embossed envelopes on Saturday morning and had them all sent by Saturday afternoon.  Hopefully our invited guests will be getting them shortly and our mailbox will soon be full of response cards.  Everything’s starting to feel very real!  Our rings should be delivered tomorrow… can’t wait to see them!

Saturday afternoon was mostly spent covered in flour, sugar and other sticky things.  I made strawberry lemonade bars to take to my first surprise party ever.  Not sure how well we did at the jumping out and yelling part but really, it was a lot of fun!  Makes me wish someone would throw a surprise party for me one day!

Sunday was spent mostly being domestic.  Went out and bought a new camera cord (where mine go I can’t determine… I think there may be a technological equivalent of wherever the single lost socks go… Narnia?) and Wii Fit Plus.  Jesse and I had lots of fun playing it last night.  Cleaned the house, washed the dog, did laundry, got his claws clipped (at Petsmart — I’m not fearless!) and finally got to talk to one of their trainers about their basic training course.  She invited us to bring him to her class this Friday to watch and then I think we’re going to sign him up for their class starting in early-May.  I think it would be really good for him.  He actually knows quite a few commands but the socialization aspect of it is priceless.  I’m sort of an awful puppy-mama that way… He gets so overly-excited when he sees other dogs that I don’t let him go over there and greet.  He’s so strong and weighs about 2/3s of what I do… I know that if something happened I probably couldn’t control him.  So for our own safety he doesn’t really get to see other dogs which I know he’s missing.  If he got to be around other dogs more often I’m convinced that he wouldn’t be a spazz every time he saw one.  It’d be good for all of us, I think, and he’d certainly be SO happy.

Talked to a visitor at work today who mentioned how many companies in our industry are moving all of their operations to Oregon… she gave me her card.  Not that we’d be able to do anything about it now but it’s very interesting information for the future.

So, things are really coming together.  I have my final presentation in my psych class this week, then finals.  Then maybe something new coming up. Then a better-behaved dog (who is finally starting to develop the urge to play).   Then before we know it?  We’ll be heading to Oregon to get married.  There’s still a lot to us but it’s finally getting to the point where I can really see what it’s going to be like… and I’m excited!