Well, we are now officially less than four months away from being married. I have strange wedding-related dreams (they’ve really just gotten stranger since the one where my dress arrived embroidered in an Emperor Penguin motif), I seem to constantly think about what, exactly, I might be forgetting about and I realize that I should have started working on certain pet “projects” before now. Oh, nothing big, really, but things like whitening my teeth and attempting to get these stupid, blasted millia (dear MAC, I am in love with your microfine refinisher but wish it worked faster).  I think the teeth will work out well but I admit, I am worried about my skin.  It’s been a disaster ever since we moved to the desert.  I’m currently trying out some new philosophy products (notably, their ‘when hope is not enough’ serum, replenishing cream and anti-aging capsules)… currently the serum seems to be irritating my skin but, with retinol, that seems pretty common for about a week or so.  I just hope it doesn’t keep it up as I’m not sure I really have time to try a huge assortment of products.  I just wish it weren’t all so expensive!  But really, beautiful skin is worth it, right?  Oh, and then there’s my arms.  I’m amazed that, at my current size, I can still manage to have slightly flabby arms.  I think push-ups will be enough but really?  Did I have to leave it this late?

Still waiting for my dress.  Admittedly I’m just being impatient — I was quoted 4-6 months to come in and we’re just barely past the 4-month mark.  But still!  I want to see it again!  Somehow I think I will feel so much better once I actually have it in my possession.  I’m currently working on our invitations.  I think they look lovely but I admit, I feel like they are missing something.  Too bad I don’t have the time to figure out what that something is!  Our return address embosser was made incorrectly and, while it is being fixed, it’s holding up the process by a few days.  I keep telling myself that if this is the worst thing that happens during the planning process, I’ll be really lucky!  I got my garter and clutch from etsy, both of which are beautiful (although the garter is VERY big… I think I’ll have to make a couple of stitches to tighten the elastic).  Still waiting on the earrings I ordered and our rings.  I’m so impatient!  Next up?  We really do need to focus on the music and ceremony and I have to find the time to make a mock-up of our programs.  I know what I want them to look like but putting them together is another story!

Gosh, wedding-babble is incredibly boring, isn’t it!  Goodness!  Well, I promise, it won’t happen often.  :)  Feel free to move along.

ETA:  This isn’t so boring!  I just got pulled over and it seems like the Nevada DMV must be about 8 months behind in our database.  The very nice female police officer said she ran my plates (I’m guessing because I have a brake light out which I’m working on getting fixed) and they came up as suspended and did I know any reason why?  Uh, no!  My tags are up to date, my registration’s paid, my car insurance is totally paid up… Of course, me being me, I’m freaking out that I’ve managed to do something bad without even knowing it.  Finally she came back to the car and said that everything checked out just fine but really?  That seems crazy to me that the police are pulling information from a database that is clearly wrong!