Happy belated Easter, everyone! Or, if you’re anything like me, Happy Why Is Nothing Open Today? Day! Uh, yeah, I guess I sort of did forget that it was happening until I saw the numerous references to chocolate and bunnies on my FB newsfeed. Actually, there were no chocolate bunnies at our house. Okay, there is chocolate in the refrigerator but certainly no bunnies. I did, however, have a massive craving for one of the dark chocolate oranges we used to get in Hong Kong. Can you even buy those anymore? The ones that you smack against the table and it opens out into little segments? You know, with how detached I seem to be, I imagine I’m lucky that I’ve never said to anyone “Oh dear, you have a bit of dirt on your face, here let me get that…” on Ash Wednesday. Dreadful!

We had a lovely weekend but, like every weekend, it was far, far too short. We finally went out to find a new Indian market to replace our favourite which closed over the winter. We did manage to find 4-lb bags of cumin but oh! It’s like they have no understanding of the concept of organization. Curry mixes next to hair pomade on top of boxes of produce. It drove me a little bit nutty, to be perfectly honest. And it really didn’t look particularly clean either so I doubt I’ll be availing myself of much of their fresh food. I’ll stick with things sealed in plastic, thank you very much. Next up was a little “international market” on the corner nearby. Amazing! They had the best tomatoes I have ever found in Las Vegas — delightfully juicy and full of flavour. I will never understand why people in big cities continue to shop at overpriced, big-chain stores when there are so many options available to them.

Spent the rest of the weekend catching up on things, mostly. I think I must have done about 10 loads of laundry (well, each comforter takes its own load, the dog’s bedding and kennel things take at least two…). So, not interesting but it needed to be done and the house does look so much nicer! Of course, it would look even nicer if it were somehow magically transported to Portland… it’s silly, really. I think too much about what I want to happen eventually, sometimes forgetting to live right here, right here in this moment that you can’t get past without living through it.

We didn’t finish painting this weekend, unfortunately. It was windy, we were tired, same old same old. This weekend, definitely, as I can’t wait to see the finished product. We’re painting my 50’s-style dressing table a pretty light lavender, the chests of drawers a darker, complementary violet and the bathroom cabinet is turning a darling shade of warm, buttery yellow named ‘soft duckling’. I can see how, to a lot of people, that would be cutesy enough to qualify as sickening I’m not sure how Jesse manages to live with my tendency to turn everything adorably precious and twee.

There isn’t anything else, really. We’re busy. I’m still anxiously hoping for change but am having to wait. Patience is apparently a virtue… simply not one I possess much of! Also, (very) impatiently awaiting the arrival of my wedding dress! I really want to see if what we came up with works. Also, would like to know if I have stupidly managed to lose weight since I was measured. I am trying to be optimistic that I have not but people at work keep mentioning it. Having to gain it back will NOT be fun, especially now that we’re about to hit the real heat of the year.