I hate you. I will never understand your purpose. I resent that last week I was able to wake up naturally with the sun and NOT have to drive to work with the sunrise in my eyes. I don’t like having to wait until later to run with the dog to avoid getting sunburned. And yeah, I don’t appreciate yet again having to drive him with the sun in my eyes. Life was MUCH better last week and I wish we’d give up this antiquated nonsense.

Had a lovely weekend (mostly). Izzy’s new kitty condo came Friday night and I spent about two and a half hours swearing at it while assembling it. Despite wearing blisters on my palm it is up and looks fantastic. She’s having so much fun with it! It’s a good thing I hate calling in as much as I do — I was SO tempted to take a mental health day today to adjust to the time change and watch Izzy be adorable. Well, that and work on my sewing and listen to music but at least partly to watch Izzy.

This weekend was lovely, sunny and pretty warm. I finally got my hair cut, just took about half an inch off the ends but it makes SUCH a huge difference. Hopefully I can keep it in good shape through the summer until the wedding. I also made the most excellent rosemary flatbread… never again will I purchase over-priced, “gourmet” crackers for a dinner party. These were so simple to whip up and SO good. I think I’m going to make a peppery white bean, rosemary and goat cheese dip tonight to go with the bread. Also planning on an olive oil and lemon cake (or just a Greek yogurt and lemon cake) since I have a gorgeous packet of Myer lemons to use up.

Speaking of the wedding I’ve made quite a bit of progress in the last couple of days. I found an adorable clutch, all tiers of beautiful lace, and a gorgeous vintage-looking garter on etsy. Okay, I am not actually having a garter toss but there is something about that detail that feels very bridal and since the price was more-than-right… The main component of our invitations should be arriving today so we can buy postage and start addressing envelopes. Hopefully the pocketfolds will be here within the next week or so. Still need to figure out what the heck I’m going to do makeup-wise but I figure I still have a bit of time for that!