Lately my life has revolved primarily around work, school, wedding planning and, occasionally, sleep. We’re at that awful point in planning a wedding where all of the not-so-fun stuff needs to be done. Book the shuttle. Think about linens. Contemplate addressing invitations even though my hand has just uncramped from the save-the-dates (kidding, kidding). Book flights, hotels, rental cars, day-before-spa-party and rehearsal dinner. Push ups and tricep dips so my arms don’t horrify any of our guests. Help Jesse continue his running training. Book the dog’s boarding facility. Order and pay for rings. Gah! Can’t my dress just come in already so I can get to do something seriously fun again?!?

Work’s been crazy lately. We’ve been busy. Another department had layoffs (we both survived). Our office manager has been out a lot lately so I’ve been spending a lot of time covering for her which always means that I get a bit behind on my own work. This morning is my catch-up morning: Listen to some Death from Above 1979, crank out all the crucial stuff and then get ready for another afternoon of covering the front desk and catching up on the non-essentials. I hate feeling behind at work!

I’m trying to do more in an attempt to make my daily life more fulfilling. We had a great night out with friends over the weekend and I’m really hoping to make a habit out of it. Also over the weekend… we bought more bookcases! Just cheap ones from OfficeMax but we got them in the cherry finish so they look nicer. Our dining room no longer looks bare and I’m having lots of fun rearranging things. Of course, that does mean that there are piles of books in transit all over the floor… Isobel seems to think that we’ve built her a little fort!

Anyway, I know that wasn’t particularly interesting. I’m just trying to keep this blog alive so I can eventually justify restarting my design/inspiration blog. Wedding post coming shortly!