It’s been rainy and cold since the beginning of the week. Currently we’re shrouded in a thick, drizzly fog. I keep pretending that I’m in Portland rather than Las Vegas and it’s making me very happy. I really do hope that it keeps up for the rest of the week like it’s supposed to as I’m really rather bored with clear, sunny days. It makes me want to break out my polka-dotted wellies and splash around in puddles. Maybe Saturday if they’re still hanging around.

I’ve been spending a lot of time focusing on the daily ins and outs of changing my life permanently. I’ve been keeping up with my resolutions because I’ve sworn to donate $5 to Focus on the Family every time I fail at one of them. I don’t want those horrid people to get any money (the things I wish would happen to them aren’t particularly pleasant either) so it’s keeping me quite focused.

Cooking more, reading more. Everything in larger amounts. I suppose that’s the question for 2010: What are you doing to make more out of your life?