Another year, another go at blogging somewhat more regularly than I usually do. Given that it’s the 11th already it doesn’t seem as though I’m off to a great start.

NYE passed without much fanfare on our part. We drank bubbly mixed with mango nectar and blueberry juice all night. Just about the time we stopped our lovely neighbours started setting off fireworks. Our dog does NOT like fireworks, apparently. I can understand that as I’m not a big fan of the noise either. However, from about 11pm until 2am the dog would jump up on our bed every single time one went off. Irritating really as he is not allowed on the furniture and there is not enough room in our bed for two humans and a large dog.

We’ve been busy at work and at home. I’ve been frantically racing around trying to get everything ready for classes to start. One day I will finally not be a fuck-up without a college degree! I’m excited, are you? On that note, it is irritating when people find out that I do not have a degree and proceed to tell me “But… you’re too smart to not have a degree!” Apparently not although yes, I do find it unfortunate that being “too smart” doesn’t change the reality of my situation.

Resolutions made. They’re mostly the same old, same old. Floss once a day, generally take better care of myself (which I am trying to do but my skin is rebelling — I just wish good products weren’t so expensive) read at least three books a month (pathetic, really, but between classes and work and the usual length of my selections I’d rather not overbook myself), cook at least twice a week one of which must be a new recipe and to get out more (no luck on this one yet). So far this year I have made a wonderful batch of babaghanoush, porkchops with a sweet chili sauce and have attempted to recreate two dishes from my childhood without recipes: broccoli puree (which came out wonderfully but could use more garlic) and penne with spinach and ricotto (which was good but not quite right… I could use the recipe).

We’re not far enough into the year for me to be optimistic but I will say this: Things are okay.