Isobel seems to have a new best friend. My favourite scarf. I think I may be minus an item of clothing!

I may be biased but I still think that we may have one of the top-10 cutest kittens in the entire world.

Also, we have a Christmas tree! After agonizing over whether or not I should spend the money, I finally decided that being a little bit tighter than I like was worth it. We got a pretty great deal on it at Target — it’s 7-feet tall, pretty sturdy and doesn’t look too horribly fake!

I love our star.

Aaand a kitten under a tree. No, Isobel, it’s not technically a cat-toy! So far she has batted several ornaments off and made it halfway up the tree. She hasn’t knocked it over yet but I imagine it’s just a matter of time!

More later.