Let’s start out with a few pictures, okay?  Jesse and I carved pumpkins (really freaking awesome pumpkins) for Halloween this year.  I think it’s going to become one of our holiday traditions.  First, here are the two that I carved:

Yeah, I know that the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter aren’t particularly Halloween-ish but I think they turned out so neat-looking! I wasn’t really feeling any of the scary or seasonal designs. Just for the record, we used stencils. I can’t even draw a stick figure so I definitely wasn’t going to manage any complicated pumpkin designs!

Here are Jesse’s:

Kang from The Simpsons and Ash from Evil Dead! I think his turned out really well!

I’ll admit to being rather partial to the Cheshire Cat… all of the little circles and the details were really hard to do! There were a couple of times where I was sure the structure of the mouth was going to collapse and the whole things would be ruined.

We didn’t have a ton of trick or treater’s, unfortunately. We’ve got a LOT of candy left. :( Maybe next year I’ll have to figure out how to get more kids… I missed out on seeing lots of cute costumes! We did get the cutest little ladybug… she definitely brightened up my night!

We also drank some Granny Smith apple cider from TJ’s (soooo yummy, btw!) and watched scary movies (Deep Red and The Hitcher). And of course, we had to watch the Charlie Brown Halloween movie since I am, basically, an overgrown five-year old. Other than that, we celebrated with my first batch of oven-baked latkes. I know that they’re still not healthy (especially since I added a handful of extra sharp cheddar cheese to the grated potato) but I like to think that removing the oil helps enough to justify them. Mmmm… latkes with applesauce and Greek yogurt! I think I’ll have to make these more often. No pictures, unfortunately. They’re all gone. That’s how good they were!