Ooof.  It’s been a while since I’ve been this tired.  Busy-season at work has officially begun and I’d forgotten how physically taxing it is.  By the time lunch rolls around I’m light-headed, hungry, exhausted and barely able to comprehend simple sentences.  Thankfully food does tend to do the trick but between being tired and the crazy wind we’ve had recently, I’ve switched back to walks for Sebastian who doesn’t seem to mind.  Tonight we’ll start running again but it’s been nice to have quieter, easier nights.  In an attempt to combat my sedentary last couple of days I’ve been doing push-ups (umm, hello, wedding dress fitting in a month!).  Looking good but feeling SO sore. 

Tonight we’ll pick up pumpkins to carve.  I’ll be doing a cheshire cat and mad hatter pumpkin, maybe one more and Jesse will do three or so as well.  I’m not sure what character’s he’ll do but I’m sure they’ll be scary in contrast to mine!  I’m hoping to make butternut squash soup but that may have to wait until tomorrow night.  Halloween we’ll drink, hand out candy and maybe watch a movie or two.

I know, not particularly fascinating.  Mostly I’m just excited for Oregon!  Once we make it through today and tomorrow, we’ll just have 10 work days until we leave!