Oh yes we did!  We saw Where the Wild Things Are!  I hadn’t been this excited for a movie in a long time.  In fact, I’ve been so underwhelmed by Hollywood’s most recent offerings that we haven’t seen a movie in a theatre since, oh, Hamlet 2 (not so great, incidentally).  But this… this was fantastic.  So beautiful, so very bittersweet, so perfect.  Everything worked from the soundtrack to the crashing of the waves to the monsters and the boy who played Max and the beautiful setting.  It is exactly what I wanted out of this movie and luckily, it is so unlike anything coming out of the entertainment industry right now.  Lovelovelove.  I was a little worried that an entire soundtrack of Karen O would be a bit overwhelming but honestly, it worked nicely with the feel of the movie.

Speaking of wild things, ours are fantastic.  Isobel continues to rule the house with an iron paw and a healthy dose of cute.  Sebastian and I are still doing our 2.4 mile nightly run although I intend to do a longer run by Friday — I have a 3.3 mile route that I’ve been saving for a night where I can actually relax afterwards.  I’m starting to get a bit worried about how he’s going to handle being boarded when we’re in Oregon in early November.  We’re going to tour the boarding facilities at our vet’s office… I’m sure they won’t be luxurious but I’ll at least feel better knowing that he’s in easy reach of medical attention if necessary.  I’m just worried that he’ll feel like he’s been abandoned by us, like he’s back at a shelter.  Ugh.  Then again, I really am looking forward to our trip and do not intend to let my neurotic, free-floating anxiety ruin it.  Speaking of which, therapist soon. 

The rest of our weekend was lovely.  We carved Jack O’Lanterns!  Jesse found this website with really elaborate patterns, we ordered a carving set and this weekend sat down to test it out.  He carved Stripe from Gremlins 2 and I carved Tigger!  They both look really good!  I’m saving my Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter patterns for Halloween… Now if only I had the time to pull an Alice in Wonderland costume together (and a place to wear a costume).  I think we’ll probably just hang out, hand out some candy and drink some wine. 

I did quite a bit of cooking over the weekend.  Discovered that the secret to quite a few recipes is Greek yogurt.  It went in the turkey meatballs (all of which have been consumed already) and the whole wheat apple muffins.  Also made a tomato sauce with grated zucchini (thanks, Mom!) which I have been happily eating over cous cous, noodles, pilaf and just by itself.  Next up will be a butternut squash soup and some curried eggplant in an attempt to ensure that I don’t waste any food this week.

Mostly I’m waiting for winter.  Keeping my fingers crossed that soon we’ll see snow peaks on Mt. Charleston.  Hoping for sweater-tights weather.  Craving a good autumn thunderstorm.  Soon. 

So, that’s my life right now.  How’s yours?