We’re right in the middle of the calm before the storm at work.  In 8 days our busiest renewal season begins.  From then it just gets more and more hectic until we finally end the insanity at year-end.  For right now I’m determined to get through the mind-numbingly slow days.  I’ve been working on my project, reorganizing my recipe index and finding new recipes to try, rediscovering my love of various musicians (umm, hello Sufjan… I knew I still loved you but had forgotten how much) and reading ebooks on my iPod touch.

I’ve done 2.4 mile runs with Sebastian for the last two nights.  I think he seems to enjoy them… if dogs show enjoyment by flopping down on their beds and not moving for about an hour.  I’m hoping to get up to 3 miles starting next week.  Now, to find a 3-mile route on MapMyRun — speaking of which, I’ve become rather obsessed with that website.  Every night when I get back I hop onto my laptop and add my run to my training log.  I like knowing that I’ve run 20.53 miles since October 1st.  I know it’s not hugely impressive but I only started up again about three weeks ago and I did skip four days in a row for my dress-shopping trip.  I’m looking forward but am nervous for my run tonight.  I got my flu shot today — I think the woman who did it stuck me in the wrong place.  It’s right up by my shoulder and it is SO painful.  Not entirely sure how well I’ll do but even getting out there and having a bad run is better than no run at all.

Right now I’m just trying to do more things.  I’ve been practicing piano lately, nothing complicated, just basic exercises, remembering the feel of the keys under my fingers.  Of  course, we don’t have an actual piano, just a short keyboard, but it’s okay for now.  One day.  Looking for a voice coach and a yoga studio.  I’ve been doing the New York City Ballet workout at night.  I’d forgotten how much I like that program.  I think, in another life, I would have liked to take dance seriously.  As it is, perhaps I’ll go back and take adult beginner classes one day.  I think I’d do well as I can stand en pointe with no training. 

Cooking more.  Now that my recipes are reorganized (and, of course, I’ve added quite a few new things) I want to spend more time cooking, baking and… eating!  Last night I made a Kashi pilaf (I moved this box of pilaf from Omaha… apparently it keeps in the pantry for YEARS) and caramelized onions (with balsamic vinegar, of course!).  I spread the pilaf in a bowl, topped with some roquefort crumbles and finished with a layer of the onions.  Sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, let the heat from the top and bottom layers melt the roquefort and voila!  A simple, quick, comfort meal that’s perfect for an autumn weeknight.  Tonight I get to go to Trader Joe’s, stock up on all sorts of things and come home and make crispy black bean cakes and baked falafel.  Once I actually have ingredients I can start making and posting bento again!  Then I can work on my camera skills and and and and and… there are just so many things to do!

Now… if Las Vegas would only decide autumn was really here to stay.  I’d just been getting in the mood for sweaters, thick soups, baked pastas and textured tights.  Now it’s almost 90 degrees again.  Le sigh.  Cross your fingers for a nice, prolonged dose of cool weather for me?

Last but not least, I am missing my mom dreadfully (and very much looking forward to seeing her and my dad in Oregon in November).  I got a lovely thank-you note from the owner of the dress shop today and it just made me remember how much fun I had this weekend.  I was so nervous going there.  Nervous about not finding anything that would look good on me, nervous about not being pretty on my wedding day, nervous about everything and anything under the sun.  They were so patient with me, so lovely and so full of beautiful ideas and recommendations.  I don’t think we could have had a better experience anywhere.  I’m so excited to meet the designer in November!  Incidentally, I will spill the designer.  My dress will be an Adele Wechsler.  Seriously, visit her website and fall in love!