I just finished up a fantastic four-day weekend and figured that it’s time to pop in and write a little bit about it.

My mom arrived in Las Vegas last Thursday and left yesterday morning. I miss her already! I’m ready to see her again and it’s only been about 27 hours since we dropped her off at the airport. We had some fabulous meals but more importantly, we had a fantastic mini road trip, girls only! We (me, my mom and the lovely Miss Crystal) drove down to Indio, California to find me a wedding dress at Desert Bride Bridal Salon. It’s a lovely little shop filled with the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen. I must have tried on at least 15, maybe 20, and some of them more than once. I don’t think I tried on anything that I didn’t really like but I finally did settle on The. Dress. No more details here as Jesse has decided that he does not want to see it until the big day but let’s just say that it’s nearly everything I thought I wouldn’t like in a wedding dress. Yet, I love it. It’s fabulous, it makes me look fabulous and, even better, the designer will be doing a trunk show at the salon over Thanksgiving where I’ll be able to get it customized so it truly is my dream dress.

I have, however, been forbidden from losing more weight now that I’ve picked out the dress. I guess if I want to keep running (upped my run to 2.4 miles last night — the dog seemed very tired when we got home… he was sacked out on his pillow giving me a look that clearly said “Mama… don’t you love me anymore?”) I’m going to have to do more cooking and eating. More risotto… what a tragedy! So, I think the blog may become sort of food-focused again, at least for a little while. Having my mom here has left me focused, rejuvenated and full of ideas and really… where better to blab about all of those things than here?