Meet Sebastian.

He’s no longer that skinny, thankfully. He is, however, nearly always that smiley… particularly when we are out hiking or exploring.

After originally being against the idea, he does sleep in our room at the foot of our bed. He’s not happy being away from us at night and given that he does stay in his kennel during the day (with his peanut butter-filled Kong and squeaky hedgehog toy), it didn’t seem nice to keep him in another room at night.

He’s a rather regal-looking dog, really.

And now… for some Isobel-cute! She’s getting so big already! Is this what it’s like when you have kids? You look down one day and the tiny little thing you brought home is suddenly a lithe, agile little girl who’s nearly all grown up?

Stealing my spot in the bed. She’s even managed to steal my body pillow!

With her squeaky mouse. She carries it around the house in her mouth… it’s adorable. I keep trying to get a picture of it. I almost caught her this time but she dropped it and flopped on the kitchen floor at the last minute. Crafty kitten.

Isobel and Sebastian are pretty good together. She rubs up on him until he’s sick of it… he sniffs her butt until she’s sick of it. It’s all good.

This seems to be one of her new favourite nap spots. I still don’t know what it is about cats and sinks… I just know that I love it.

Aaaaand… she’s done with the camera.

More later. I’m busily attempting to get my task queue at work down to 0 so I can leave with a clear conscience tomorrow afternoon. For then… my mother comes! And we get to have a fantastic, fun-filled weekend that will include… *cue ominous music* dress shopping! We’ll see how that works.

PS. Sebastian is my furry little personal trainer. Since September 29th, I have run 16.05 miles and the last two nights, I have run my newfound 2-mile route without stopping. In the next week, I hope to have that up to 3 miles a night. I know it’s not a long distance but I’m still pretty proud of it.