As some of you may know, Jesse and my 2nd anniversary is coming up. Coming up in the sense of “we don’t actually know our REAL anniversary date so we just declared it to be Halloween so it would be easy to remember but we know it was before that”. To that end, we’ve been buying anniversary presents.

I’m getting an iPod touch! Not jewelry. Not perfume. Not clothing. Not chocolates. A high-tech toy. I can’t wait! I’ve been without an iPod since the Great Soda Explosion of 2009. Being without music (okay, I’m not really without music but the ability to choose what I want to listen to — my shuffle is great but hearing Ratatat when I want Bon Iver? Not helpful) does NOT help my stress levels so I’m really looking forward to having one of my favourite things back.

Now… what did Jesse get… Did he also get a high-tech toy? Powertools, perhaps? A well-crafted, metal watch? A leather jacket? An awesome electric razor? Maybe an expensive boxed collection of his favourite music artist?

A vacuum cleaner. I asked. That’s what he wanted. I tried offering other, more fun alternatives. No dice. So he is the proud recipient of a new vacuum cleaner.

Note to self: Jesse is weird. But it’s going to be really nice to have a working vacuum again. And I’ll share my Wi-Fi on the iPod touch when we’re out and about.