Hello, strangers!

I really am dreadful about updating my blog. Things are busy, blah blah blah. You know the drill. Here’s a short run-through of what’s going on:

– We are permanently minus one person at work. Workload has increased dramatically.
– I have a special project at work which, while very fulfilling, is taking up huge amounts of time.
– We are still having great luck with Sebastian (who I really need to upload pictures of one of these days). He’s mostly settled into our routine, he takes up for runs every night and he’s walking right into his kennel without being tricked with bits of turkey. He’s actually a pretty sweet dog. A bit crazy, especially when we first come home, but he is still young.
– Going dress-shopping soon. Terrified.
– Anxiety levels through the roof. I realized that this situation was unlivable the other day when the doorbell rang and I spent the next 15 minutes with my heart racing, trying to catch my breath. Looking for a new doctor/therapist. This can not continue.

Now, for nicer things.

Jesse’s mom flew in last weekend to spend a few days in beautiful Las Vegas. We had a great time with her! We all went out for dinner at Lucille’s on Friday night. A popular choice at dinner that night included the molasses-and-Coca-Cola-marinated ham sandwich. I’ve been assured that it’s excellent but since ham has not made a return to my diet, I admit to being a bit skeptical.

We spent Saturday morning up at Mt. Charleston. We hiked up the Cathedral Rock trial which we’ve never actually done before. We tried but tried in the winter and were thwarted by icy trails and snowdrifts. It was beautiful! Up at the top there was a waterfall that I couldn’t help exploring. I just wish it hadn’t been quite so covered in grafitti. Jesus — if you’re out there, you can stop writing your name on every rock on the mountain. On our way back down we had an almost-unfortunate run-in with other hikers who had four large, unfriendly dogs. Thankfully Sebastian was very happy to keep moving along with some whimpering and barking. But really… if your dogs seriously can not deal with another dog walking on the trail without being held down… maybe they shouldn’t be on that trail.

Once we got home I settled in to make my spinach-and-goat-cheese risotto, roast chicken and gougere (made with Emmenthal and chevre this time) while everyone else watched Home Movies. We drank wine, talked, ate. Isobel kept trying to jump on the table. I really wish I was having better luck training her out of that habit!

Unfortunately that was when our weekend had to come to an end but we’re looking forward to many more and in new and fun locations.