Another day and I find myself mulling over that constant question… What on earth should I do with my hair? Okay, I’ll admit it. I loved being on Hair Thursday but it didn’t bring me that sudden lightning-flash of inspiration, that moment of “Wow, that was so obvious! I need to do ___________!” Great ego boost but not the decisive recommendation I always hope for regarding my hair.

Once again I find myself contemplating going short. Not short in a high-school choppy, spiked and pink striped sort of way. Short in a grown-up, organized yet messy, sensual sort of way. Something like:



Forgive me if I’m wrong (and I’m sure anyone with hair experience will prove me wrong) but these appear to me to be, basically, a very similar cut. Obviously the first one is shorter, particularly in the back. But the second two appear to be almost the same, just styled very differently.

I don’t know. I probably won’t do it. I always wimp out. I don’t know why the idea is so incredibly scary to me. I know, rationally, that I could pull this cut off (in a different colour — probably a dark, clear brown, close to black) and that it would look absolutely adorable with a birdcage veil for the wedding. I also know that, if I don’t make up my mind soon, Jesse might start plotting to chop my hair off for me while I’m sleeping. SOMEONE HELP ME SEE THE LIGHT PLS THX.

This week is a short week for us as Jesse and I are taking Friday off. I think we’re going to go to the SPCA and check out the dogs. I don’t think we’re quite ready to adopt but we do want to talk to them about introducing kittens and dogs and how they verify if the dogs they list as cat-friendly really are. I suppose it’s possible that we’d come home with a dog, just not likely. After that, it’s off to back more key lime cupcakes for the barbecue we’re going to on Saturday.

Until then, it’s work, working out and trying to cook more. I’ve got a little bit of work to do before I’ll feel comfortable dress-shopping. Two months should give me plenty of time.

p.s. Hair-wise? This is me now, plus a couple of inches.