Good morning, world!  I come bearing kitten-pics!  In the last two weeks, Isobel has received two new big toys that she just adores.  One would be her kitty condo — covered in carpeting, it’s got a raised bed for her and a tunnel with a dangly feather toy hanging from it.  We also managed to wedge her favourite scratching pad in between two of the supports and it’s really saving our furniture.  I love watching her go to town on it.  The other two consists of two pop-up cubes connected by a long, mesh tunnel.  She’ll hide in it only to pounce on one of us as we walk by, settle in for a nice nap in the middle of the tunnel and chase her rainbow fishies through it for hours.  Why yes!  I am “that girl” who is totally infatuated with her cat!  Nice to meet you!

Please ignore the unmade bed. Feel free to laugh at our kitten in the dead-cockroach pose. I’ve never seen a cat who sleeps like this before! She cracks me up.

Isobel is not a huge fan of the camera. At least, not a fan of looking at the camera.

Heading into a pounce. I’d just tossed her fishy into the tunnel.

In love with her kitty condo. I think the only time she’s not following one of us around or trying to be right on top of us is when she’s on her condo.

Sleeping like a “normal” kitten. If there is such a thing. I’m not actually sure about that!

Oh, hai! I bought a new dress. I actually found a strapless dress that doesn’t make me look like a little girl playing dress-up. Or maybe it does. A little girl playing dress-up and looking shy in the mirror. Fantastic. To my UK friends: Please do not track me down and stone me!

Also, guess what? There is exactly one year to go until Jesse and I get married. Tonight we will celebrate with deliciously thin-crust pizza at Grimaldi’s. And wine. Always wine.

p.s. Yes, I have wrinkles when I raise my eyebrows. Yes, I’m 25. It’s tragic. Adding Botox to my wishlist in 3… 2… 1…