I feel like I really ought to apologize for disappearing.  So, I’m sorry.  Things have been crazy.

– My department had a layoff which is scarier since it’s a tiny department to begin with.  It wasn’t me.  I feel a little bit guilty but mostly?  Very relieved

– Isobel made it through her respiratory infection.  Now, I’m worried about an odd little growth near her back left leg.  We went to the vet last night who admitted that he was confused.  It could be a lipoma (benign fatty tumour) but he finds it strange given how young and scrawny she is and how quickly it popped up.  She could have bumped into something hard and caused some internal swelling.  Either way, she’s healthy and happy.  The vet said that if it’s still there in early September, he does want to remove it and send it off for analysis.  If it’s something to worry about, we caught it early and it may well be treatable.  If it’s just a lipoma, it’s removed and will probably not reoccur.  Either way, our poor kitty! 

– I’ve been seriously gearing up on wedding-related things.  I have four fabulous bridesmaids, I have our save-the-dates which I have to start addressing tonight and I have our colour scheme (lavenders, greys, cream, black for details and probably the occasional splash of yellow). 

We’ve just been busy.  It’s been hot.  Too hot.  Walking across the parking lot feels more like trudging miles through the Sahara.  I worry that my skin’s turning leathery, lizard-y.  I’m dreaming of the coast.  Ocean storms and the wind howling.  The barely-painful prickle of sand and salt against my cheeks.