D’you ever have one of THOSE days at work?  Where you are trying to solve the exact same problem all day but you are being blocked by every single person in the department that could possibly help solve said problem?  And it shouldn’t even BE your problem but because you are a conscientious person with a strong work ethic, you are NOT willing to just give up on the issue?  And you are getting more and more frustrated because the people you are contacting for assistance are totally missing the point and not answering your actual questions?  Like, they believe that you wanted a gigantic system change completed in one day solely to please one client when all you are asking for is if there is an available work-around that could satisfy your client… or if there is NOTHING we can do for the other department to speak to the client and let her know because… I don’t have the authority to do so and my supervisor can’t deal with it either.  NOT OUR DEPARTMENT.  You know, pardon me for caring whether or not my clients are pleased with the service they’ve received.  Pardon me for trying my absolute hardest to provide that excellent customer service that y’all are always harping on about.  Pardon me for believing that we’ll be able to please our customers by working together to find solutions that work for them. 

I’m done.

On the bright side, we are moved in!  We are in our house.  It’s fantastic, absolutely perfect for us.  I love everything about it… I love that we actually have a dining room.  I love our bedroom.  I love the showers.  I love having a garage.  I love having a gas stove.  I love not having to share the refrigerator or pantry.  I love how quiet it is at night, how the neighbourhood is so peaceful.  I love having a space to expand our container garden.  I love having kitchen counters to knead bread on.  I love the space.  I love that we’re going to be able to go to the SPCA and adopt our kitty this weekend.  Hell, I even love our garbageman today… we left our garbage on the curb this morning and now… it’s gone!  I love it.  I feel so ridiculous but I am just so extremely happy to be in our house, to live with Jesse, to really get to create our life together. 

The move was hard though.  It was extremely hot Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  I found sweat in places I didn’t even know I have.  I got more of a suntan over the weekend than I’ve had since I was about 12.  My shoulders are only now not hurting.  It was worth every second of agony and dehydration.  Seriously. 

I am in love with this house and my life.  Even with everything that is currently going on from injustice to industry instabilities and job paranoia… things are actually pretty good.  Sometimes that’s all you can ask for.