– Wilco. Was. FANTASTIC.  Seriously.  Now if only the Bob Dylan concert hadn’t been cancelled… And if I could only see Spoon in the very near future.  I would be a happy girl indeed.

– Packed all Sunday.  Storage unit full of totes full of clothes and shoes and books and other things.  Still more stuff.  Drowning in stuff.  Send search party, please.

– Bought a new dress.  Please don’t stone me!  I couldn’t help myself… I have a wedding to go to in early July.  That, and I’ve always wanted a dress that resembled a ray of sunshine.  Or a bottle of yellow mustard.  Whichever.  I prefer the sunshine.  ;)

– Lawyers (providers of the free drinks) are noisy.  I still love ’em.

– All utilities set up to be turned on.  We won’t have gas until the monday after we move in.  Thankfully we’ll be able to come back to the apartment to shower.  Until then… sorry, Jesse!  Guess you’re eating microwaved food and sandwiches. 

– We sign the lease on Thursday!  Move in on Friday.


There is just so much to do.  I am so excited but intimidated as well.