I made it on Hair Thursday!!!  Hooray!  I managed to avoid the Fishing Club and I also think that I got an excellent suggestion… Once the move is over and we’re unpacked, I will be going back to Aveda to get my hair lightened a bit for summer.  I only wish I could go back to Troy and have him work his magic.  And then?  Once the wedding is over?  I’m chopping it off into a chic, gamine look.  Maybe a pixie, maybe something else, but something short and fabulous.  If only I could still get away with dying my hair purple. 

Our leasing agent is currently out-of-the-office but we should have our move-in date straightened out soon.  I’m getting really excited but we really need to start packing and cleaning. 

Looking forward to hiking this weekend.  It’s amazing how cool it is for June in Las Vegas.  Going back for one last weekend at Red Rock before it gets hot again.  After that, it’s Mt. Charleston until at least September.