Still engaged.  I must not be a terrible fiancee for writing up that last entry.  Hurrah! 

Currently writing this because Google seems to be down.  And I’m really not sure why or if it’s just me or if this is some crazy internet-wide thing.  I mean, Google?  Down?  What the hell are we supposed to do in these situations, anyway?  I can’t imagine that putting one’s head between one’s knees or blowing into a paper bag would be particularly useful. 

In other news, we’ve passed the one week mark.  I have four days (including today) of work left until Oregon.  Add in the weekend and we’re at six days!  I’m super-excited.  I’ve been slowly getting my cleaning done this week (closets?  check!  chests of drawers?  check!  dusting?  slowly but surely, check!) so most of what I have to do this weekend is scrub, mop and do some laundry.  Oh, and pack of course. 


  • The mustard?  Fan-freaking-tastic.  Seriously, it’s fabulous.  Quite spicy with a smooth undertone that just has to come from the cinnamon and Guiness.  I think I may have to have some on an avocado and sprout sandwich today. 
  • I made pita the other night.  I still have some tweaking to do as they were delicious and very pretty, but far too dense.  I think that following the recipe exactly is my problem — I doubt the amount of flour and water was written for an area as dry as Las Vegas.  I think next time I’m going to start working the dough before I’ve added in all the flour called for.  Either way, they’re still delicious with homemade hummus. 

I don’t really have anything else to say.  I just want to check my e-mail!  *sobs*  I’m going through withdrawal.  Of course, all the Yahoo! mail fans in the office are looking rather smug.  Right about now, I’m tempted to switch (like I need any more e-mail addresses, I think I’d explode with one more to check).