Happy Summer!   It’s supposed to be 100 degrees from today until the end of the weekend.  Oh, Vegas.  It’s a damn good thing I actually enjoy hot weather.  Of course, this does put a bit of a damper on the idea of hiking but at least we’ll always have Mt. Charleston. 

But yes, it’s summer here and our plants are GROWING like crazy.  I’ve got massive tomato stalks (which really need to be repotted, I may be on a search for a larger container for them this weekend), beautiful cilantro (which I keep sneaking nibbles of while watering — bad Alicia!), chives and what is finally turning out to be basil.  I wish the basil would cooperate and grow faster — I’m craving it on my avocado, tomato and sprouts sandwiches.  Speaking of that sandwich, my new goal is to grow alfalfa sprouts in a mason jar in my kitchen.  I think that’s another project for this weekend. 

Weekend projects;

  • Whip up a pretty, fun, colourful summer skirt or two
  • Cook.  Jesse’s been wanting more risotto and I have a recipe for homemade pita that I’d like to try. 
  • Hike.  Red Rock if we can stand it, Mt. Charleston if it’s just too hot and sunny to stand it.
  • Find materials and start growing sprouts.
  • Repot tomatoes and possibly the cilantro which seems to be plotting world domination.
  • Go to Lush.  Buy henna.  Dye my hair.  I’ve noticed that my hair gets way too dry out here to want to go near chemical dyes.
  • Clean?  Yeah.  Probably should.  You know what would be nice to have?  A roomba.  Even better?  A cat riding a roomba.  That would be fabulous. 

Hmmm, what else… I have a month’s worth of prescriptions.  If I want more, I have to come back for a certain test, even though I made sure when I scheduled the appointment to mention that I would need that test and that they needed to make sure there was enough time to do it.  So now I have to go back soon, not exactly what I need to spend my time doing right now.  And I wasn’t thrilled with how skeptical my doctor sounded about my sleeping pills — yes, I do actually need them, yes, I have been on them for over a year now and yes, I do intend to stay on them for as long as needed.  I guess I’m on the search for a doctor’s office that I like a bit better. 

Two weeks until we go to Oregon!