• 16 days until Oregon
  • My car is fixed (long story short; busted radiator hose, none in stock because my car’s an import, paranoia, awesome maintenance guys, the end)
  • I bought this (in green, plus a new bedskirt and shams).  A little splurge-y but whatever.  We need a new quilt and bedding desperately and I love this set.
  • I need a doctor’s appointment for more prescriptions very badly.  Why isn’t there a doctor’s clinic whose normal hours are evening and nighttime hours?  I don’t want to take time off!
  • I bought new hiking shoes too.  Lightweight Nike hiking shoes that are good for trail running.  I love Nordstrom Rack.
  • Two months until things finally change drastically for the better.
  • I am brought home a pocket-sized kitten last night.  Zoe… you broke my heart.  And nommed on my fingertip!  And pounced.  And gave me kisses.  And played.  You’re going to get a good home, kid.  I just wish it were with me.

ETA:   Also, how cute is this little guy?  I really wish I’d seen him before I ordered our new quilt and things.