Mmm, this was a nice weekend.  Although I know I shouldn’t brag, the food for our party was unbelievably good.  I actually think the chicken was a little bit better this time, it had a touch more lemon and pepper in it.  The risotto though… oh my God.  It just, melted, perfectly, leaving that wonderful tang of goat cheese behind, spinach, creamy rice.  I can’t form the words to describe it and just wish we had leftovers. 

Jesse and I have gotten pretty serious about trying to rent a house rather than an apartment.  While we’re going to keep the complex we liked it mind as a back-up plan, we’ve decided that we’d really rather rent a house and have a little bit more privacy.  There are SO many for rent out here now, so many of them are cheaper than what you’d pay for in an apartment and the realtors have started doing all the legwork to ensure that there are no proceedings against the homeowners, liens, foreclosure proceedings and such.  We drove around and looked at a couple of the houses I’d found online.  The one I thought I love was, unfortunately, in an area of town I’d prefer not to be.  The other one I think I’d like to see the inside of.  The houses are quite close together but the area’s lovely and the price is right.  I think we’ll have to take a few more drives this week to check out neighborhoods. 

We also watched a couple of movies this weekend.  Jesse’s put together this “film course” for me as I’m vastly under-movied, apparently.  Right now we’re still in silent films.  The two we watched this weekend were pretty good.  The written dialogue was, frankly, dreadful, but the cinematography and art direction was actually quite eye-catching, far more advanced than I’d thought it would be.

Let’s see, what else.  In an attempt to be less desperate to get a dog, I’ve been trying to focus on everything we have to do before July.  I’ve started going through my things, sorting into throw-away and donate piles.  We’ll still have to inventory and make a master list of all of our books and sort out who gets what kitchen things.  I need to make a list of things we either need to make (maybe curtains, new cushion covers for the pillows) or buy.  Yikes!  And then we’ll be in Oregon for nearly a week.  I really think I might start packing this weekend, just winter things, but that will be a start.  Still don’t know how we’re going to split up moving expenses and the like but I guess we’ll figure it out.

Anyway, it’s another week.  So far, it’s beautiful.  We’re planning to start running again.  Then again, we plan on that all the time but it never seems to happen.  Probably shouldn’t get my hopes up.  At least we had a nice hike this weekend.  Red Rock is so beautiful this time of year.