There’s only one word for a weekend like this last weekend. 


That chicken?  It was so good.  I stuffed it with the husks of juiced lemons, quartered onions and garlic cloves and rubbed the outside with a lovely mix of lemon juice, olive oil, endless strips 0f fresh basil, fresh pepper and sea salt.  Kip, I promise I will try out some of your fabulous suggestions next time but this is so totally what I was craving.  I was, however, under the impression that roasting a chicken would be harder than it was.  Four hours later, several bastings and it was beautiful — a lovely, crispy, golden skin and one of the juiciest birds I’ve ever tasted. 

I also made…  strawberry lemon bars!  So, like lemon bars but with strawberry and this delectable flaky, buttery crust.  I actually made two batches this weekend as the first one disappeared before I could set aside a few for my favourite co-workers.  That recipe is definitely going to be a keeper.  I also baked cupcakes — a friend requested key lime cupcakes for her birthday which need to be delivered on Wednesday.  I baked 5 batches and currently have 58 (I’m only giving her 24 but a bunch of people at work wanted one too) wrapped in plastic wrap in the fridge.  I still have to make the key lime curd and the frosting.  I may just make the frosting tonight and freeze it, then make the curd tomorrow, fill the cupcakes and frost.  That would really make my life much easier. 

Other than that, it was just plain nice.  I got the pretty new hair combs I ordered and spent much of the weekend adorned with a beautiful pink flower.  We watched some movies, took a nice walk on Saturday morning (waiting for my car to be serviced), bought baby shower presents, organized things and just generally relaxed.  I would have liked to go to the pool but it’s closed due to vandalism.  Apparently the parents in our apartment complex not only don’t realize that their kids should be supervised but also that a community pool REALLY isn’t the place for water balloons.  And that water balloon shards?  When left in the pool?  Don’t do so well with the pool’s mechanics.  Hopefully it’ll be open again soon!

29 days until Oregon!