More things happen, more days go by where I don’t write anything here.  Why do you guys still read this? 

We went to Red Rock last weekend, did a short hike and will do another this weekend.  Oh man, we were busy this weekend.  So much to do, so little time! 

Right now I’m agonizing over the menu for a dinner party we’re hosting in approximately two weeks.  There are just so many possibilities!  So far, we’re thinking of doing a roast chicken rubbed with garlic, sea salt and basil stuffed with lemon to be accompanied by a spinach and goat cheese risotto and roasted grape tomatoes drizzled with balsamic syrup.  Oh, and a salad.  Duh.  I always do a salad.  I’m not quite sure about dessert yet but I admit, I’m quite partial to a nice yogurt cake spread with marmalade although I might try creme brulee – – I still need to break in my new pastry torch!  I’m trying to walk the line between interesting and strange as I’ve been burned too often in the past.  Half the time if something sounds good to me, it’s too weird for guests.  Fingers crossed on this one, guys. 

Busy, busy.  I can’t wake up today as the sun still hasn’t fully come up.  Where’s my sun, mother nature?  Huh?  Alicia needs some vitamin D so hurry it up there!

Getting really excited to go to Oregon in May.  Ugh, I need a vacation!  Work’s slow right now so, when I don’t have any tasks, I dream of moving to Oregon or Northern California, having a house that’s a tiny bit of a fixer-upper, having a beautiful big dog and room for the dog to run and a beautiful garden.  Silly, really, but dreams are there to keep you going. 

That’s it, really.  Sorry about that.