Okay, I’ll admit it.

I miss rain.

I do.  I really, really do.  I don’t miss snow.  I don’t miss winters that leave the earth grey and brown for months on end.  I don’t (really) miss humidity all that much.  I do miss rain though and I particularly miss it when we head into spring and summer, monsoon season.  Every cloudy afternoon (like this one) I stare longingly up at the sky, begging for rain.  I love the desert, I really do, but sometimes I just want to be out in a spring drizzle, you know?

Tossing around wedding ideas since our trip to Oregon is coming up in about 50 days.  No, it’s NOT too early to start a countdown, thank you very much.  We’ve been contemplating the formality we want, what sort of event we want.  Are we going for tuxes or something simpler?  Bridesmaids in full-length gowns or something more fun?  Well, considering that I was browsing on jcrew.com and Jesse stopped me to tell me that he wanted to wear a seersucker suit, I think we’re going a little more casual and quirky.  Also, I may be wrong but I seem to remember from pictures that my father got married in a seersucker suit — if so, that’d be a nice tradition to continue.  I think he’d look quite fetching like that but we’re also considering linen or cotton.  That way I might get to outfit any bridesmaids I might have in something cute from Anthropologie or J. Crew rather than having to go for something they will almost definitely never wear again.

There’s really not a whole heck of a lot going on here right now.  Work’s busy which is, in this economy, excellent.  Jesse and I are researching pet-friendly apartment complexes and realizing that we may very well have to move up north a bit but that’s okay.  As much as we do like our current complex, it is pretty overpriced — it’s not like we need to pay a premium for GV’s ritzier school districts.  Also, I’m going back to eating small amounts of chicken.  It’s all Jesse’s fault — he bought these amazing seasoned chicken tenders from TJs and grilled them.  They smelled so good I just couldn’t resist.  Ah well, at least I’ve never claimed any sort of ethical problem with eating animals and it is nice to have another source of lean protein.

Life’s kind of boring.  Sometimes that’s a really excellent thing.