You know what Jesse and I have decided?  We need a dog.  This is not to say that we’re not getting kitties — we are, in fact we’ll probably get a cat or two first.  But something, I’m not quite sure what, has made us decide that we really want to open our lives and hearts to a dog.  A big one, or at least a medium-sized one, preferably, a dog who’ll love to go on hikes with us, who’ll love running with me, who’ll gladly go out for a nice evening of chasing tennis balls in the park, a dog who wants to go for rides in the car and out to Lake Mead. 

I’ve been looking at lately, falling in love with Australian shepherds, labradors, golden retrievers, Danish shepherds, German shepherds (okay, I’m a sucker for shepherds, what can I say?).  We are going to have so much fun finding the perfect dog for us!

I am trying to learn not to care right now.  Trying not to get wrapped up in outside drama and insanity.  It’s hard but I think it will be a good opportunity to focus on me and us and the people who matter.  It’s hard though — not caring goes against my nature.  I really do believe that everyone has a fatal flaw and if mine is anything, it is that I care too much, that I try too hard to fix things and people even when they are irreparably broken.  Not everything can be fixed, I guess that’s what I’m learning.  And there’s no point in mourning what never was. 

I think tonight will be going for a lovely walk, grilling for dinner and lying out in the hammock with a good book.