It really was a nice weekend.

  • We did a lot of cooking this weekend.  I experimented with gougere for the first time.  Making the pastry choux did make my arm a little bit sore (beating in all those eggs until they’re entirely incorporated takes a while) but oh man, was it ever worth it.  They’re so light and delicate and perfectly flavoured with a nice gruyere and Dijon mustard.  Even better?  They look complicated and impressive — just right for a dinner party when you want to impress. 
  • Jesse and I experimented and made our own barbecue sauce this weekend.  The verdict?  Delicious!  We used this recipe, adding extra garlic, orange zest and mustard.  So far, we’ve tried it on portabello mushrooms, shrimp, swordfish and chicken (okay, yes, that’s a lot of food but we like to grill quite a few things so we have food for the week).  It’s good on everything although I particularly like it on seafood.   
  • Upon finding out that we’ll have a houseguest on Wednesday, we started cleaning.  The third bedroom is usable again!  Hurrah!  After our guest leaves, I’ll have my refuge back! 
  • We were nice roommates and unlocked the rest of the playable characters on one of Mike’s video games for him.  Some of them really are much easier with two players. 

It doesn’t sound like much but it was actually quite relaxing.  Beautiful, sunny, still cool.  I’m sure we’ll be up in the 90’s soon but for now I’m relishing the crisp spring mornings.