Well, after spending Monday and Tuesday sick and the rest of the week being quite busy at work, I think I’m ready to be back again. Apologies, everyone. Sometimes life just hits you over the head, you know?

The big news? Last weekend, Jesse got his big TV. It’s a 47″ flat screen, Phillips, 1080p, all that good stuff. I admit, I wasn’t hugely excited about it, but it does make a HUGE difference watching movies and everything else. I rather like the silly, expensive thing. Of course, right now it’s sitting on my credit, waiting to be paid off next statement.

Classes are still going well. Unfortunately, I’ve quit playing my guitar. Why can’t I manage to fit more things in my day? I think I have to come up with a way to schedule my time better.

I’m not going to say where I hope we’re going this weekend as I don’t want to jinx us. Keep your fingers crossed though, I’m sure you can all guess!