Henderson Police Close Area In Report Of Gas Leak

Let’s just say that the area they have closed off includes my office.  Yet we’re all still at work.  Jesse and I parked at a semi-nearby strip mall and walked.  A lot of people got through on another street before they closed it off.  I’ve been sitting here hoping that we’ll all be told to go home as it’s not safe to be here but no luck so far.  I’m guessing that’s not going to change any time soon. My head is killing me and I blame the gas. 

Work Comp Insurance.  So important that we’ll jeopardize our health for you! 

Just as a head’s up: I am starting up a new blog.  This one will remain up as my day-to-day blog.  The new one is more of a place to share inspiration, write reviews of things I’ve loved (movies, books, gadgets, products), etc.  Photos and art, my creations, trends and other beautiful things.  There’s nothing there but a placeholder and a header currently, but check it out, bookmark it, whatever.