That is the question. 

Or is there a question at all when the subject is silk and falls so perfectly to a touch above the knee?  Oh, decisions, decisions.  This one might require a question, due only to the price.  Do I really want to spend the money to add yet another dress to my collection?  Sure, I wear them but is that really the point?  Knowing me I’ll probably buy neither and wistfully sigh over the first with it’s delightful wasabi-green swirls. 

UPDATE:  I bought the dress.  The first one with the fabulous print.  I can’t wait!  Oh, spring.  I’m so thrilled you’ve arrived that I bought myself a new dress simply to greet you.  This isn’t counting the beautiful one Jesse bought me last weekend (dark blue shift with a navy blue panel at the hem and gorgeous creamy embroidery all up the left-hand side).  Any other new dresses I’m making. 

I still need to make that spinach soup referenced in one of my previous entries.  I know, I know.  I promise that I’m going to start cooking again and then… I don’t know what happens.  Tonight for sure.  I’ll come right home, toss everything together for the soup and let it simmer.  If only it was the weekend, I could test out this focaccia recipe I found and have soup and homemade bread.  As it is, my first foray into bread-baking will happen this weekend and tonight I’ll warm up the par-baked loaf of ciabatta courtesy of Trader Joe’s.  Then perhaps a documentary, one of the Blue Planet ones. 

It’s seriously starting to feel like spring here.  Time to retire the winter coats, fill up the vacuum bags with sweaters and move things to outside storage.  I want to throw the windows open and have fresh air all the time and scrub the walls, floor and counters down until everything is fresh and sparkling again.  I’m dreaming of lazy Sunday-afternoon picnics and games of tennis and a return to airy spring dresses and sandals, sparkling water with fresh lime juice and the occasional afternoon shower.  I can’t wait!