Yaaaaayyy it’s Friday!  This has been such a long week.  I feel like I’ve been staring at my monitor for centuries.  And now that it’s past 12:30pm, the weekend is basically here.  I’ve got a couple of days of renewal tasks to squeeze out and a bunch of faxes to send but that’s it.  Now I just hope that my agents can avoid calling me for the rest of the afternoon. 

I just can’t wait until we get to go home and play more of Jesse’s new video game.  For his birthday, I got him Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution (among other things) and we’ve been taking turns with it.  Although it’s pretty cartoon-ish it’s actually a lot of fun.  I’m in the middle of a game and am going for a cultural victory this time.  Just 9 more Great People to go!

Tomorrow night Jesse and I are going out to Texas de Brazil for his birthday.  Waiters walking around with meat on sticks… what more is there to like?  Personally, I like the sound of their “salad bar” which features salmon, French cheeses and delicious-sounding soups.  Usually I wouldn’t want to pay this much for a salad bar but it does sound really good and hey, he’s only going to turn 29 once.  Earlier in the day, I plan on making this soup.  I really want to do some cooking but I’m really just in the mood for soup, nothing else.

On Sunday we’re almost definitely going to check out Valley of Fire.  I have wanted to do this since we moved so I’m thrilled that we’re finally doing it.  I’ll definitely come back with lots of pictures.

That’s really about it for today.  I wish I had something interesting to say.  I’d bitch more about Rick Santorum but really, there’s just nothing else to say.  Unfortunately, idiocy and fear-mongering seem to be the human condition.  I wish this didn’t continue to surprise me.