Ugh.  I have to get my “numbers” taken today. 

My company has jumped on the wellness bandwagon.  Now, instead of doing something like giving discounts on gym memberships or something like that, we get to earn giftcards by jumping through various hoops.  Today’s hoop includes being weighed, having my blood pressure taken and having my finger pricked to test blood glucose and cholesterol.

Why why why why why can I not stand the idea of being weighed? 

I’m going to go anyway.  And I’m not going to beg them not to tell me my weight or BMI (don’t get me started on BMI and how flawed it is).  I am going to be a grown-up about this and deal with it.  You have NO idea how much I don’t want to do this. 

I just really want the $75 giftcard.  I’ll check in later to tell you guys whether I’m on the verge of death or not.

EDIT:  Here’s the scoop.  I am basically underweight.  My body fat percentage is in the ‘athlete’ range.  My blood pressure is low (90/60).  My glucose levels are on the lower end of normal.  My cholesterol levels?  Not great.  My good cholesterol is, apparently, “awesome” in the words of the woman giving me my results.  My good cholesterol to total cholesterol ratio is really good.  My bad cholesterol levels?  A little bit high.  Not horribly but enough that I’m contemplating eating oatmeal daily until the day I die. 

Oh well.  I guess everything can’t be perfect.  And now I can wander around calling myself a “walking grease-ball”.  Awesome!