The chicken dance was played.  And the electric slide.  AND the YMCA.  At MY wedding.  When I woke up, I had the burning desire to tell Jesse that the marriage was off.  I was able to resist that urge, thankfully. 

I do need to start getting serious about planning.  I’ve been saving inspiration pictures online but I think I really need to get a good binder, lots of tabs and replace the ink cartridges in my printer so I can start transferring some of this offline.  What I keep bumping heads against is the fact that it is really hard to plan anything without:

1) A date (which we will hopefully be able to set in May as we’ll have to send out save the dates sometime this summer)

2) A venue (also fixable in May)

Speaking of May, I’m living for it.  Not only does it signify the end of my first set of classes, Jesse and I get to go out to Oregon to hang out with my parents and start getting serious about this.  Also, it will be my first “vacation” (something longer than three-day weekend) in a while — I’d actually say that it will be my first vacation since my last trip out to Colorado, the summer before I met Jesse.  I guess that’s not really such a long time but geez, it feels like it! 

I’m also frustrated with some of the things I keep finding in the packets different venues give out.  At the one I really liked the look of, they insist that you hire a wedding planner to communicate with their on-site event coordinator?  Pardon?  I need to hire someone ELSE to work with their coordinator?  Somehow I or anyone else making a decision isn’t good enough?  A wedding planner is not exactly an expense I see the need for UNLESS I’m doing this at a venue WITHOUT a coordinator.  If we do decide to go for tents and have to hire other outside vendors (renting tables, lighting, etc.), I can see why a wedding planner would make life much simpler.  Otherwise… I’m not really down with that.  Also, I am finding the menus plans I keep seeing very frustrating.  I have all of these ideas in my head for food — artisan cheeses and breads, hummus, other dips and spreads and infused olive oils for dipping, LOTS of fresh fish, vegetarian options that do NOT sound bland and predictable, maybe a salad station… Very fresh, very natural.  Very NOT  most of what I’m seeing. 

Oh well.  I’m sure all of these things can get taken care of.  Perhaps this is just my personal problem, I want more things under my control than will be possible!  At least I have people around me to keep me from being obnoxious about having to relinquish that control.