You know it’s going to be a long day when you feel like you’ve been chained to your desk for days and it’s not even 10am. 

Guys, it’s almost my birthday!  Yes, it is.  As of tomorrow, I will be 25.  Yes.  A quarter of a freaking century.  Actually, being 25 sounds less intimidating than being a quarter of a century old so let’s stick with that.  I have a lovely pile of presents from my parentswaiting to be opened and I am VERY excited.  I’ve already got a couple of lovely things from Jesse (DJ-style headphones, two pretty tops from Urban Outfitters and a fisheye camera — on sale!, a bar of porridge soap and Sweet Little Japanese Girl from Lush) as he took me shopping last weekend.  It’s odd, I wasn’t particularly anxious for Christmas presents but… I want these!  I also need to get myself something as Anthropologie was kind enough to send me a little gift card.  I mean, I can’t let that go to waste in good conscience can I?

Classes are going pretty well so far.  I’ve done my first oral assignment for Spanish and a bunch of work book pages.  I’m currently working on my first assignment for History.  It’s good to be back but I will admit that it’s hard when working full-time. 

That’s about it.  Not particularly fascinating but, c’est la vie!  Pretty soon I am going to get back to organizing the apartment, down-sizing a tad, cleaning and cooking but for now?  It’s just good to be making it through the week and not working for hours at home.