I bought a camera.  Unfortunately, now that I have it at home, I really wish I would have waited and gotten something else.  I ended up with the ORIGINAL Canon Digital Rebel.  As in, the 6.3 megapixel one.  It’s refurbished so I ended up having to buy a couple of the accessories separately and still need to get some other things.  It was an okay deal but I could have gotten a better one.  And it’s just… frustrating.  I’m disappointed in myself because normally I am so much smarter than this.  I mean, it was only a sort-of expensive lesson but not one I really wanted to learn this weekend.

Basically this weekend was spent running errands and doing stuff around the house.  All things that needed to be done but so unbelievably frustrating.

Then the vacuum cleaner broke.  Or maybe it overheated and will work later.  As of right now it won’t turn on and it gave up the ghost halfway through the living room.

So, my apartment is less clean that I wanted it to be, I spent money on something I’m really not thrilled with and I’m going back to work totally unrefreshed and just as tired as I was on Friday night.  All I can hope is that this week is not too hectic but it doesn’t look like that will be the case.  I’m going back to a ridiculous workload and quarterly sales meetings on Monday.