We volunteered this weekend!  In an effort to get serious about giving back to the community, we decided to help out our local rescue.  I gave them our information so they can call on us for adoption weekends but we decided to start small.

I cleaned a BUNCH of cages, including several that were… quite soiled.  Like, more soiled than my lovely cat ever made anything.  Of course it’s bound to happen with cats that have come from shelters and the great outdoors – switching to decent food can cause tummy issues.  Jesse helped me sweep out all the cages and replenish food and water bowls.  And we bought several bags of cat food from PetSmart and left it for the rescue.

It gave us an opportunity to cuddle lots of kitties and also helped out the rescue by making their cats seem much more presentable.  I also talked one man into adopting from this rescue.  His cat had just passed away (she was 24 years old!) and he walked out with the sweetest brown and white tabby named Harlow.

Of course this did mean that once again I fell absolutely in love with a bunch of kitties that I just can’t have now.  Only six months.  Only six months.  This really doesn’t seem like a good time to use the word “only”.  If I could have I would have brought home Pancho (renamed Pretty Boy), a beautiful silver and cream tabby with the most amazing blue eyes — Jesse and I actually saw his old owner bring him in last weekend.  Apparently the owner was having serious health issues and couldn’t care for him anymore.  He looked absolutely devastated giving him up last weekend.  Pancho’s a beautiful boy, a bit talkative (he looks like he has some Siamese in him) and so sweet.  He’ll have no problem being adopted, in fact, one of the volunteers told me that someone had placed him on hold.  I also would have brought Gimlet and Garbo home — two beautiful torti kittens.

Oh, one day.  Is it ridiculous that I miss having cats so much?  I had no idea how hard it would be for me to live without cats when we moved.  I miss having my toes pounced on, having my hand licked until it’s shiny and an inquisitive little face staring at me, blocking the monitor.