We’re going to Death Valley

I’ve wanted to go there for… quite a while actually and this seems like a really good time to go.  If we want to stay overnight, I’m sure I can swing a night in a motel if anything’s available.  If not, it’s only about a two hour drive from us.  Barely further than Mojave, really.  I want to walk the boardwalk to Badwater.  I want to see Scotty’s castle.  I really want to see Darwin Falls and everything around Panamint Springs.  I want to see the dunes, Salt Creek and the marbled canyon walls. 

What I really want to do is take my cameras, both my digital and my new Diana.  I have a feeling that my first roll or so will be… dreadful… but I’m still excited to play with it.  If the film doesn’t turn out well that just gives us an excuse to go back!

Also, thanks guys.  I promise I do not *really* believe I will look hideous when I get married.  Only sort of.  Kind of.  Maybe a little bit.  I suppose my subconscious has to latch onto some random fear since there aren’t any details to worry about yet!