Guys!  Christmas is over!  I’ve returned to the land of the living.  Sort of.  Kind of.  I’m back at work (and happy to be back) but this is another short week.  Only three days of work until another long break!

Christmas Eve was fun in the sense that we got the apartment really nice and clean (oh god, it needed it).  Our efforts were rewarded with sushi.  There’s nothing quite like a few lovely pieces of salmon over rice to make one’s work feel appreciated.  Then we headed home for wine and opening a single present each.  That turned into Mike and I opening one present and Jesse opening about five in a vain attempt to get our numbers even.  In the end it didn’t really matter. 

Jesse did NOT wake me up early on Christmas morning.  We woke up and had bagels & lox and opened stockings and presents.  I am seriously so spoiled, it’s hard to describe it.  I guess I’m just going to have to sound like I’m bragging. 

I got:

  • Cool calenders (Andy Warhol’s shoe series and
  • A piano book full of good exercises
  • Other books (Anne Perry’s Christmas mysteries, Galileo’s Daughter by Dava Sobel, a guide to the USA’s State Parks and The Making of Victorian Values by Ben Wilson)
  • A bunch of stuff from Lush (bath bomb set, 3 extra bathbombs, Amazonian massage bar)
  • Make-up!  (2 Stila eyeshadow duos, a Lola palette in corals and browns, 3 Stila lip pots, Stila Blanc palette and Stila all-over-colour)
  • Two of my favourite solid perfume palettes (Gardenia and Waikiki Pikake)
  • New York Times Crosswords game for my DS
  • Ipod shuffle!  In a beautiful wasabi green.
  • Diana F+ camera!  Plus the 35mm adapter.  Plus the fisheye lens.  Plus film!  Jesse spoils me.  :)
  • Wii Fit!  (Actually, I bought that one for both of us)
  • Beautiful earrings in silver, cream and blue
  • A new wallet
  • New outfit from Anthropologie!  A gorgeous grey pleated skirt and two supersoft ruffled blouses. 
  • Giftcards!  For Gap and Anthropologie.

Now that I’ve bragged endlessly (sorry, I’m just still amazed), onto the other stuff.  I skipped making Christmas dinner until boxing day as I wasn’t hungry on Christmas.  The fusilli and cheese was, as usual, excellent. 

Boxing Day was full of organizing stuff.  We did more cleaning, reorganized a couple of rooms and put a few more boxes of stuff out in the storage unit. 

We also got all of our lovely new dishes put up in the cupboard.  Oh, I never mentioned those here!  I was so very tired of only having old, mis-matched dinnerware.  Honestly, I was.  Our things, while serviceable and in fine conditions, were old, plain at best and ugly at worst.  We still have all of them for daily use but now we have a lovely set of things from Anthropologie for entertaining and special occasions, found on sale with an additional 40% off.  We have matching dinner plates, mis-matched dessert plates (some with birds, some with butterflies, some with a lovely geometric print in coordinating colours), beautiful bowls with stems along the outside and flowers on the inside, and fun latte-style bowls in bright colours and two different sizes — one for soups, salads or pasta and one size for condiments on tiny scoops of sorbet.  I may have to pop back over and pick up a couple more of the geometric-print plates. 

We didn’t do much else this weekend, honestly.  I wanted to go hiking but it just didn’t work out.  I tried to spend my gift cards but couldn’t get excited about it.  I really wanted to get this pretty strapless dress at Gap but… strapless and me just don’t seem to work out well.  It always makes me look… emaciated, honestly.  Even in my size, there’s always too much room in the bust area and it just… doesn’t look good. 

That leads me into my next area of discussion.  Why is it that I am ALREADY having wedding-related nightmares?  So far, I have had three and they have all focused around the dress.  In one of them, I never found one and had to get married in an extremely formal location in jeans and a t-shirt.  The next one, I was STILL shopping for a dress and hour before my wedding.  And the only ones anyone would let me try on were strapless or super-conservative and outdated (think long, puffy sleeves, a high-neck, totally opaque veil and miles of a train).  AND I kept getting lost trying to find the store.  In the last one, I was the only ugly bride on the face of the planet.  The only one.  Ever.  And ugh, I was hideous.  I also think I was pregnant in it.  Someone PLEASE tell me that I’m not going to be a hideous bride who looks vaguely like a starved refugee in tafetta and sequins.  Please?

This next little break WILL include hiking and hopefully a short road trip.  I am determined that we will do something that I consider fun.  Any ideas from the peanut gallery?  ;)