I may have ruined Jesse forever.  I had to go to Lush this weekend to pick up some presents for people.  For the uninitiated, Lush makes some of the most fabulous hand-made, fresh, natural bath and body products ever.  I love their dusting powders (Silky Underwear and Honey Beehave are amazing), their shampoo bars, anything jasmine scented… Anyway, while we were there, we couldn’t help but pick out a couple of things to try together.  I got some of their Angels on Bare Skin facial cleanser which is fabulous — we’ve both had really dry skin since moving here and this really helps, especially paired with the Brazened Honey face mask.  I also tried out their Dreamtime bath melt.  One whiff and I’m back in Provence with the air heavy with sunlight and dried lavender.  Then Jesse spoiled me with a Buffy body butter bar.  I tried it out in the shower this morning and my skin STILL feels soft, even though I skipped my lotion.  I’ll make a metrosexual out of that boy yet! 

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I went a little bit nuts Christmas shopping this weekend.  I still do want to get things for the kids in my family.  Hopefully I can find some cute outfits that won’t break the bank!  There are just a lot more people to buy for this year!  So far, I’ve finished up my shopping for my parents, Jesse’s mom, my grandmother and Mike.  I still have to pick up one more thing for Jesse and, as previously mentioned, get something for the kids.  I’ve bought the Santa present (something I’m very excited for and that we’ve been wanting for months now) and have picked up some little presents for stockings.  I bought fabric to make the stockings, wrapping paper and bows for all the presents.  Thankfully, most things could ship via Amazon or other online stores but I’ve got a couple of packages to mail out. 

Next year we won’t go quite as nuts.  At least, that’s what I’m hoping!  I mean, this Christmas is sort of our first “real” one together.  I know that Jesse and I were dating last year but we weren’t at the point where we’d really made a commitment to our relationship.  We were having a lot of fun but things could have changed at any moment.  This year is a lot different. 

We went up to Mt. Charleston yesterday.  It will probably be our last hike up there this season.  There was snow on the ground!  Snow and slushy ice makes for slightly treacherous hiking!  We just did a short climb up to Little Falls but oh!  It was beautiful.  I’ll admit, it’s a bit disconcerting to go from scrub brush-desert to pine forests and snow but it is very striking. 

Tonight we have one of our scheduled runs.  Then we’re coming home so I can make red lentil soup (I found one with fresh ginger and light coconut milk which sounds amazing) and finish up the laundry.  Hopefully I’ll also have time to drag some of our winter clothes out of storage.  If not, I suppose there’s always tomorrow.  I also need to go through my list of recipes and pick out a couple to make a freeze for the next couple of weeks.  I’m thinking I’ll make a kidney bean curry, some channa masala and a tomato-basil soup.  Any other ideas?