I have had SO many nice agents today it’s almost unbelievable. 

It started with an e-mail.  Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time sorting out a mess that was all our fault.  The agent had e-mailed me to let me know of the mistake and, since it was on a rather time-sensitive certificate, I started sending e-mails immediately to get the issue fixed.  This morning I had confirmation that everything was fine now and forwarded it on to her.  Within half an hour, I had an e-mail thanking me over and over again for fixing this issue so quickly.  Usually they’re not that grateful. 

I had a few other agents comment on how quick I was to respond to their inquiries over e-mail as well.

The guy that took the cake though was one who called me right before lunch.  He just had a simple favor to ask; He needed inspection reports faxed over to him.  This is something that takes all of two minutes to do.  He kept me on the phone for about 15 minutes, just chatting, asking about how I like Henderson, where I’d lived before, what my favourite place was, why I got to do so much travelling.  Once he got the reports, he e-mailed me back to thank me and tell me that “[your company] is lucky to have such a personable, professional employee”.


After reading Jodi and my wonderful mother’s comments on my last post, I’ve managed to snap into the holiday spirit just a bit.  I’m excited to make stockings and do the rest of my Christmas shopping.  Jesse has requested Christmas cookies so I’ll get to frost sugar cookies (I’ve decided to cheat and get the pre-made Pillsbury dough as I REALLY don’t want to have to make the batter without a mixer and enough counter space to flour).  We’re going to go down to the tiny botanical gardens we have here. 

In about two hours, we’ll be off to Jesse’s department’s Christmas party.  Then it’s back to the apartment to do some laundry and maybe watch a movie.  This weekend we’re going to do some hiking (I’d like to go back to Mojave and go down to Hole-In-The-Wall and hike the rings), errand-running and *gasp* shopping.

Happy Friday, everyone!