Jesse and I had such a wonderful visit with my parents over Thanksgiving.  We got to play quite a bit of mahjong and created a couple of new hands together.  The food from Lucille’s was amazing and almost too plentiful; we’re still working our way through the leftovers.  Unfortunately, all of the “macaroni” and cheese of doom is gone so I’m having to make do with mashed sweet potatoes. 

We got to hike and have dinner with some old friends of theirs and had a wonderful time.  I had a lovely dinner at their house of vegetable samosas and squid tikka masala that was unbelievably good and they gave us a hummingbird feeder and a book of local hikes that I can’t wait to work my way through. 

We did go down to the Strip and wandered around for a few hours.  We finally got to go into the museum at the Bellagio which had a lovely little exhibit of American modernists with some lovely Max Weber paintings. 

On our last day of their visit, we went back down to Mojave National Preserve.  We mostly drove through but got out a few times to wander.  It definitely made me want to go back, possibly even this weekend.

Now, we get to the fun part.  Pictures of our hike in Red Rock!







As always, these photos and more can be found at my flickr!